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The Simpsons (Homers Meltdown)


This is a very easy method and has been working for years, i've never lost using this but just make sure you have a decent float!

First find a machine that isn't far from full, play on all the way, avoid Moe's tavern on the centre reel and play for JP+R on the feature.

This machine just loves to give IM (red) features for the JP, when it does hit start once and collect your cash pot, usually £3/4, within a couple of quid you'll get another red board and do the same, you'll repeat this process around 5 times leaving you not far from a JP (£25) in the bank.

Then it'll give you a feature and won't go red, play on all the way and you will get a JP, and 9 times out of 10 the repeat chance too!

But that's not all, hold out for another feature, it should go red again, this time play it like any 'sane' person would and go all the way, take your 3rd JP which will normally repeat again, leaving you 4 JP's and the original £25 in the bank... Easy Money!



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