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Temple of Treasure is a Barcrest machine which has incorporated many features found on JPM machines. It can streak for very large wins and the current opinion is that there are 2 settings for this machine. The first is ARCADE which can produce streaks up to £120 and the other is PUB which streaks for £45+. It may well be that there is no difference, just the way the machines are played, but it seems at the moment there might be different settings on certain machines. There also seems to be some difference of opinion as to the best way to get a streak. Some think it is better to start with a red TOT feature, others think its best to get a jackpot repeater.

METHOD 1: (from MB) Providing the machine is full, play only for the red Temple of Treasure feature. This should start the big streak for £90+. Do not take any features, normal or red, or barcodes and avoid any JP's until you've had the red TOT feature. Be careful as it can force a JP on you, e.g. £12 on a 2, gamble low and it will give you a 1. Sometimes taking a JP will start a small streak for about £38 but it will knock back the big one. Once the streak has started it will offer plenty of features (even normal ones pay well when streaking), barcodes (take fruit shooter, 2-1-3, this can pay big), bonus nudge code 2-3-1 for 12 nudges, this should gamble to 99 nudges for JP. A few points of interest: when the machine is dying to pay out a JP but not ready to streak, it will offer red hot warrior. This is virtually a guaranteed JP but do not take it. It will kill the machine stone dead. It will offer this feature frequently but refuse it every time. When true skill is offered frequently from the bonuses on the hi-lo reel it is close to streaking. If it doesn't offer true skill and keeps giving an extra jewel, then it is a long way from the streak. Take reel stepper from the horseshoe bonus when true skill. This is the way to fill up the matrix for the JP but will normally only do this when streaking. When it has paid £45 or £60 from TOT feature it will normally appear to die but after a few pounds back in it will give a JP or barcode and continue paying out to around £90.

METHOD 2: Another way to trigger the streak is to get a jackpot from either the nudge code (above) or by hi-lowing the win up the left hand side. Some players have found this harder to do than others. Sometimes this win will repeat once but no streak will follow. Other times a big streak will be triggered.

I would add in something about getting the matrix full for the first jackpot. Its not worth doing once you think/ know the streak has started as you then want the red TOT, but it can be an easier way to get the first jp. You need at least 3 nudges, look for the horseshoes behind the reel and bring them in if you can and hope you get a chance to fill it up. It will often let you do this when you have only one fruit to get, but then offer selector - don't despair though as it doesn't mean it cant afford the jp, I've had it go selector on several occasions only to give the full matrix next go. Don't bother trying to nudge in the symbols you are short of and hope for a hold as it doesn't happen. If you are using this method you can let it offer 2 or 3 wins and keep shuffling them away before it will either kill you on the gamble or force the cherries on you (from the shuffle).



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