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Super Charged £25

This machine is not quite fully sussed yet, the guide below outlines obtaining the streak in principle. The cost of the streak can vary, and profits can vary depending on how staggered the streak is. This machine does have an IM which is sometimes part of the streak. It would be wise to only play this machine when 'backing' and carry an armory of at least £70 in coins...

Feature Entry
Feature entry is gained by completing the NUMBER TRAIL which is 1 - 8 leading onto the CASH LADDER. Feature entry is similar to that of King Kebab, where 3 Fire extinguishers are available for TURBO GAMBLE chances up the CASH LADDER. The feature can also be entered via a reel win which is exchanged off the cash ladder.

Stoppa - Shite!, Can give trail when happy...

Skill Stop - Use cancel to SLOW the bonus for feature, we believe the first climb offers the best cash ladder position.

Super Stepper - Step reels down, adding numbers to the trail until a position on the cash ladder is met. Usually £1- £2 sometimes £3 - Whoohoo!

Respin - Hold out for another bonus or hold numbers on 2 reels for feature entry ( 7 times out of ten)

Not to sure of the other bonuses.

Positive Signs from Reels
Full or almost full hopper, positive bonuses leading to trails, frequent trails every £2.00 or frequent trails after failed turbo gambles or death on the feature. You will find that the numbers on the reels and the trails holds (or a couple of holds) for trail re-entry. Super Stepper offered from the bonus is good sign along with let em spins or spin ins on grapes. Occasionally the machine will push a bigger win such as blue 7's.

Positive Signs from Feature
Exchanging in from Block 1 £3.60 and Block 2 £6.00

2 or 3 Steps offered as a result of a good turbo (2 steps are sometimes awarded from a small exchange).

Feature bonus starts on HI HI or LO LO (or HI HI HI or LO LO LO for true skill on bonus). The feature bonus is awarded on 3 successful HI-LO gambles, if the 3 gambles are HI then you get a true skill selection, if they are LO you get true skill, if it is a mixed gamble you get pseudo skill - just hit it! Similar to JPM bonus on CASH COLISEUM.

Stacks are 4 or more increments up (not always a good indication on UP and DOWN nudges as the reels may be way off a setup!)

Good gambles allowing several true skill bonuses to be attained.

Good reel setup such as FLAGS or JP symbols not to far off nudging or taking off the NEAREST WIN feature.

The Feature
Whilst the main feature appears basic enough, Barcrest have put quite a bit of strategy in for players who punt for the STREAK feature. The feature is comprised of 6 stacks and 3 HI-LO reels associated with 2 stacks each. (See image above). The idea is to basically gamble out a stack for the jackpot or obtain enough nudges for a JP or FLAGS for the RED and BLUE streak feature.
So one could simply keep punting a stack until it unblocks and gives a JP, but that would be missing the point. Barcrest have put in UP and DOWN nudges to encourage players to piss about on the reels trying to obtain the flag symbols or JP. So this if you like is the strategic element to make up for such a basic feature board. Playing the strategic way of gambling for nudges and then using them and then gambling for more is a headache! and more often than not the machine will stuff you after 20 mins of sweating and nudging.

You can forget the 'all most there factor, let's try again' as you look for the hammer.
It must be noted that the HI-LO is a ripper, on nearly all occasions the EXTRA LIFE is taken on the next gamble or two. Also you can tell when the machine is going to sack you as after you press HI or LO there is a perceivable delay...pah! You can have upto 3 steps on the HI-LO for changing to better numbers. Extra steps can be gotten from the HI-LO bonus.

Feature Bonuses
EXTRA LIFE - Extra Life! (Not worth having or choosing!)

SELECT A BOOST - Choose this to add increments to a stack of your choice. However machine decides increment.

DOUBLE ADD - Adds 2 increments to each stack successfully gambled on. Ends when 3 more successful gambles introduce another feature bonus.

MULTI ADD - Can be good, again the machine decides. Useful early on or when near the pot on a stack or two.

NO-LOSE - Um, you can't lose on the next gamble!

CHANGE NUMBER - Changes the numbers on the HI-LO reels, does give you a choice mind! Which is interesting.

LUCKY 7 - Whoo hoo! Free gamble on a 7

EXTRA STEP - Use this to gain an extra step.

Notable Features
NEAREST WIN - Only useful for flags or JP setups, often with a setup the machine will be gagging anyway and will offer a JP from one of the stacks...
TURBO CASH - Hmm, not great and too fast for any real sense of value for money. Does have a TURN IT UP. Usually £5, can pay more.

The other features are not worth a toss in the grand scheme of things.

Invincible Mode (IM)
The IM is indicated by the logo and the characters eyes flashing an orangy colour! The IM seems to be random, but has kicked in on a streak a couple of times. When in the IM you can play for anything. Best to take a straight JP here.

NOTE: Unless streaking the machine can go cold for £8 - £15 after an IM.

Playing Method

The machine can be forced but is not as reliable as the good old days of Arabian Knights and friend's. For the most success you will need to have some or all of the positive signs happening. If £30+ shy (not a full hopper) leave the machine or recover what you can as you could find yourself up to your neck at £100+ in.

Now in reel play your looking for feature entry from numbers or a win, you have a choice as you can play the numbers or hold grapes and cherries. Often by holding wins, the machine will chuck a 3 in a row for feature entry. When you do get onto the CASH LADDER, try to turbo to get 2 or 3 HI's or LO's for the feature bonus and/or some steps for stepping the HI-LO to a more desirable position. When on the feature, simply gamble for a JP+R off one or more of the stacks.

Ok, this is not as easy at it sounds, but please avoid spending time and money going for setups and big wins from nudges, stay especially clear from the flags as 9 times out of 10 they do not start the streak. Infact sometimes due to the weirdness of the top feature (which is obtained by getting 3 FLAGS on the WINLINE) You may end up with LESS than £25 which is not good as it's not £25 and the win is not treated as JACKPOT WIN and thus may not trigger a streak or unblock a run.

The RED & BLUE Streak
A 'Break the Bank' style feature where there are BLUE and RED cash values. Each go you can press a BLUE or RED button and if the cash amount the machine stops on matches what you pressed then you win the prize. Surprise, surprise it usually stops near or on the £25 mark. Looks to be totally random.

NOTE: However, feel free to press the UP NUDGES or DOWN NUDGES when in the feature to stop it (the feature) timing out and dumping a win on you.

So now your punting for a JP off the FEATURE, KNOCKOUTS, BLASTS or WINESKINS stacks. We are not sure which (if at all) stack is the best to get. When gambling on numbers, always go for TRUE skill bonus off your HI-LO risks - push the machine further. Ignore all features and play strictly for the JP+R. Once you have the JP+R your looking for 1. A RED TRAIL, 2. Another JP+R or 3. FLAGS. The time and distance does vary and will affect your profit/loss. The totality of the staggered streak is £75 - £100.

You may well break even or make £15 - £40 using this method but it better than recycling and losing by pissing around the with RED and BLUE Streak feature.

Typical Outcomes

JP+R, FLAGS, FLAGS, £4 - 6 afters

JP+R, JP+R, FLAGS, afters






Not bad but not exactly great! Same for all machines at the moment - maybe that is the reason for all the built in emptiers ;) We are trying another method of play and will post it here if it deems worthy - also a friend says there is a sequence in the numbers.

Sometimes in between trails and jackpots the machine will play well cold - ripping £10 - £15 for a trail and / or sacking you early on the trail. Can be quite strange to see it buzz then freeze up on you. Would not be so bad if it was a sign, or a saving mech for a JP streak pot.



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