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Royal Roulette £25

Since Spin On it, Impulse have made it harder to 'rip' red lines for jackpots out of their machines. Wildfire is a prime example and whilst not that tight so is Royal Roulette So the idea of quick steals from these machines is not that feasible, most of the easily reachable features are shite. In other words, the reward from this machine is punting for the streak.

Feature Entry
This is typically achieved from filling the 'number' trail with numbers on the reels during reel play - as ever there is a bonus position at 4 that helps this process. The other way in is a reel win.

Positive Signs from Reels
Full machine (imperative!), trails costing under £4. Lots of let em spins and single reel holds for feature entry.

Bonus 4's always giving the feature.

Pear wins spinning in.

Frequent trails...

Positive Signs from Feature
Funny machine this, in that unless it is completely battered it will always give a good range of gambling up to the middle of the stacks. So not always that easy to judge in terms of how far away the streak is, but still enjoyable.

Extra Lives are a good sign...

Lots of ACES, KINGS, TWOS and successful gambles on 4's and 9's.

Frequently climbing up the feature stack until the block before WINNING STREAK.

The Feature
The main feature is based around two HI-LO reels that use CARDS to represent numbers. Each successful gamble spins a Roulette style wheel in the centre board which has an inner ring and an outer ring of items. These items are reel blasts, nudges, multi-adds etc... and streak coins (GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE). A successful gamble on the HI-LO also climbs the feature or money stack depending on the HI-LO reel used.

 The aim of the feature is to quite simply climb out either stack for the JP or WINNING STREAK or be awarded 3 streak coins.

The BRONZE streak pays around £9

The SILVER streak pays around £10 - £19

The GOLD streak pays £25 and can continue on credit breaks.

Incidentally, the WINNING STREAK at the top of the feature stack awards the GOLD streak.

There are also 3 Bonus Dice to collect, obtaining all 3 opens the inner ring.

HI-LO Reel

12 = Guaranteed Low

2 = Guaranteed Hi

Ace = No Lose

There is a platinum IMPULSE logo on one of the reel - this is NOT a JP. It accesses the platinum features on the machine which are not that good and kind of equivalent to the boxes found on Bell Fruit machines.

The machine does have an IM where the logo flashes upon feature entry. The IM is part of the streak.

Playing Method
This machine definitely has a streak, a streak that can be forced when the machine is full and has recovered from the last streak! The streak is basically a run of Invincible boards after a £25 Gold Streak - on occasion the Gold Streak will do £50 as part of a streak. The usual streak amount is £75 - £100 and more often that not £100, sometimes more. Afterplay on this is in the region on v7 - £15, sometimes less.
To get the streak you simply have to punt for the 3 Gold Coins to activate the Gold streak. Do this by gambling up the FEATURE stack only, do NOT play for the £25 CASH. You will find the machine gets better during the force and if playing well to start you should find yourself in good profit. No matter how well it plays only push for the Gold Streak or the Winning Streak feature if the gamble wins, do NOT take reel blasts or red lines if offered.

During the punt you will always gamble to the feature below winning streak and lose, this will occur until the streak is achieved. Once you have the first Gold Streak (usually £25) play for the next trail. If streaking the trail will be an IM and the logo will flash, simply gamble out the feature stack. The next 2 trails should be the IM's with each streak producing £25. If one streak does £50 then this will reduce the amount of IM's from say 3 to 2.

After you get £100 or £75 play the next trail to see if anything happens, if it is not an IM and on say a 4 and 5 on the HI-LO and dies quickly then the streak is over - but be sure to try the next trail for afters.

Afters can be in the form of a BRONZE or SILVER streak, a cash win of say £5+ or the feature SUPER KNOCKOUTS. Just get what you can before leaving the machine.

Typical Outcomes




Can show a good profit of £40 - £60 depending on condition. If played well and in cycle can be a good earner.



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