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Psycho Cash Beast Club

After many months of playing this machine that I owned, I got this to a fine art -

Basically, what we are looking for is to achieve a double jackpot win and £50 in afters.

The best way to think of this machines payout cycle, is that is has 3 pots of money that build up as you play along. The current pot has a maximum value of £50, and this pot can be won at ANY point during play, the second is the jackpot pot, this accumulates via a spill over from the current pot, and can only be won when the pot reaches its maximum value of whatever the jackpot prize is. Finally and somewhat bewildering for some people..
wait for it.. is the cashpot. this machine actually has a hidden cashpot that builds up as you play away. so, logic tells us that £50+£250+£250= £550!!

Their usual signs will be helpful, i.e. machine is backing and you know some money has already gone over the back. REFUSE all wins, and knock back (lose) a few £50 boards, this will now mean the machine is happy. good signs is ? giving you stroll on and extra lives (note: this machine can give stroll on when its been totally emptied and when its ready to do a jackpot - not the between).

Now, assuming we have the machine in a happy state, we are looking for nudges or a flash hold on anything ABOVE £50, i.e. 75,100,150. this means the cashpot is active. You MUST gamble away this free win (don't worry it is easily retrievable later) carry on for the jackpot, exchanging as low down as possible, you can tell when your about to exchange to an invincible board as nudges say about 15-19 and exchanges can sometimes indicate 20+ !!

So, you've exchanged to a flashing psycho cash beast board, collect your jackpot by what ever mean available - nudge it in, psycho cash or top £250 square at the top. Now, play again and exchange a win and go for 12 WIN SPINS on the top row, since the machine believe it or not is still happy (because you have not taken the current pot of £50) and the 12 win spins should not be hard to achieve. take the 12 winning spins for anything from £75 to £250. Once this has paid out, you can now go for the current pot of £50, do not go for more as you will lose. If you're offered say £40 from the blue sevens, just take it and run.

Worst case scenario is 250 + 75 + 50 = 375

Optimum 250 + 250 + 50 = 550

This machine also has a backdoor that will only work on machines that have not been chipped, exchange a win OVER £6 and see if it drops a yellow bare below any win line ever time. if it does its chipped and this part wont work (550 run still works) basically its possible to force a jackpot out via the step to nearest win, best to gamble to around £20-40 and exchange to get as much nudges and bonuses as possible. When this machine doesn't want to pay you find it lands on nudges a lot, so when it lands on +3 nudges, just do an add again, and use nudges to bring jackpots in view, though you MUST have a JP on the win line either end, otherwise its £30 nearest win.



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