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King Poker £25

This machine does streak in a cycles of around £100 - £150, yet the streak is only £50 - £75 and in some rarer cases £100. As with all machines today, this has to have taken some money to perform well. An investment of at least £50 is required by anyone looking to attain the streak or witness special JP features. The good thing about this machine is that if a JP does not repeat or some good cards or action does not follow the first JP you know to get off it. Often a JP will occur with �20 - sometimes much less if caught right. This machine does appear to have a bit of random character - but does succumb to forcing and the laws of percentages.

Just like poker and all the usual hands apply. You can play the machine by using the physical buttons or by touching the screen. Astra have added 2 extra hands which mimic the actual hand been played. Therefore if you get a flush or some other hand and hold it - the two hands above will mimic it and you get 3 times what the hand is worth.

e.g. 2 Pair = 30p so 3 * 30p = 90p (This can be gambled which is discussed later.

However, good hands rarely roll in - more often than not you will get a pair or nothing. If you hold a pair and press start the 3 hands will hold just that pair but random cards will make up the rest of the cards in the 3 hands. This may sound confusing now - but it is clear when you play the game. Depending on how the 'random' cards pan out, a 2 pair or 3 of a kind etc may be generated on either all or just one of the hands.
The aim of the game is to either get a ROYAL FLUSH for the JP, gamble a win to the JP or win a JP from the 3 Kings Feature.

Positive Signs
This machine is hard to tell, a good sign is that after losing or winning on a gamble the original hand holds. You will know this as the HOLD signs flash orange.
NOTE: Sometimes the machine will gamble to 14.00 or 19.00 and lose - initially this looks promising BUT after this it can go a big suck just when you think the JP is around the corner. These types of wins maybe some form of afterplay (or a cock teaser!) not quite pulled out of the machine by the previous player.

The 3 Kings Feature
When you get a hand with 3 Kings in it (fairly rare!) it will give a the 3 Kings Shuffle Feature. Basically it shuffles 3 Cards and you have to choose the King to advance up the cash to the JP. However there are 2 versions of this:

The first is some what pseudo skill and the cash increments go from £1 upwards. More often than not you will follow the card only to find it isn't the king!

The second starts from £5 and seems to be true skill, here you just get the king card and get to the JP fairly quickly and easily. Once you have the £25 you go for the repeat - if streaking it will do the £50 and sometimes the £75.

The Pick the Hits Feature

We are not fully sure how this is activated, but it is a regular feature offered when a couple or more kings are present in the hands. The screen changes to a matrix of record discs - you have to simply keep selecting different discs until the games stops you with a collect! The more kings in the hands the bigger the amounts available and the more successful the disc selections are. Again, this sounds vague - but when you play it - it will be very clear what we are talking about. What ever cash is accrued can be gambled or banked.

Royal Flush Hand
On a true streak the machine will drop in a Royal Flush, hold it for £25 and the other 2 hands will offer a true skill repeat for a total of £75.

The Gamble
Whenever you get a win off a hand/s or feature you have a the choice to gamble or bank it. The gamble is a simple 50/50 chance (pseudo) at doubling the win by selecting a RED or BLACK card - much like roulette! The win can be gambled to the JP and you can gamble for another JP and so on (note: the successful JP's are banked!!).

Playing Method
This is a a crude method for streaking machine and ignoring the intended method of play the programmers want 'punters' to do. Hopefully you will have seen some money go over when you get on and have 5O pound coins or more available. Play only for kings (hold any kings you get) and don't hold anything else that is offered - if a good hand simply drops in you can choose to gamble it to the JP or run if it has only cost a quid or two. Remember if there is no action after the JP - sack it.

Keep holding out for the Kings - if you get pick the hits, take what it gives and gamble for the JPR. If it goes down continue pressing on - if it does a JP for a strict £25 check for more action and leave if dead. What you really want from the Kings is a ROYAL FLUSH or a TRUE 3 KINGS FEATURE for the £50 or £75. These are the only things that trigger the streak - the other JP's are flat. So it is imperative to push for these wins only. You can collect any other small wins (90p and the like) that drop in to send the machine under, but if a pick the hits or a good hand drops in it may force a £10+ win on you which is not ideal for collecting or necessarily gambling for the flat JP (you need to lose it).

Once the machine has taken enough and not paid it will drop in a ROYAL FLUSH or 3 KINGS. The key to profit is how much it cost to get or how little it costs to get an early JP or decent win without getting involved. So what we are essentially saying is go for the KINGS and avoid what you can on the way - however if an early JP or decent win comes up - consider walking (especially if you are in profit!) as it is not part of the streak and will suck money after you take it!

Typical Outcomes
ROYAL FLUSH £75 + £5 - 10 Afters
KING SHUFFLE for £50 + Afters
FLAT £25

Whilst these machines are not hugely popular in pubs they are frequent in arcades and can be a profitable banker on occasion. Sometimes they will play out of character and sometimes no profit or a loss will incur - it's that random character bit.



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