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Hell Raiser £25

Follow this HOTSTUFF guide, but play strictly for the HELL RAISER STREAK and use every method you can to avoid the JP. This will increase profitability during play. See HOTSTUFF titbit in the rumours section...
As will all Barcrests, this one needs to be full and preferably a bit over before you start. Do not play if more than £30 shy, if shy try to get back what you can or if you do press on, accept you may end up down. Half way up the feature, you will notice a feature called CASH CODE, this is a JP capable feature (when RED) that is not too hard to get.

Feature Entry
Feature entry is gained by completing the NUMBER TRAIL which is 1 - 8 leading onto another number trail that can be completed to get a RED board - this is NOT an IM but a mode where you can't die on the lapper until you land on wipeout! As per usual there is a BONUS on position 4 of both trails. Entry can also be achieved via MYSTERY WINS (symbols with RED overprints) or reel wins. In such cases you will have to complete a HI-LO to get in.

Stoppa - crap!, Can give trail when happy...

Skill Stop - Use cancel to SLOW the bonus for feature, can go above onto the RED number trail.

Re-spin - Hold out for another bonus or hold numbers on 2 reels for feature entry ( 7 times out of ten)

Selector - Select best position above or on feature entry position.

Not to sure of the other bonuses - NOT worth noticing really!

Positive Signs from Reels
Full or almost full hopper, positive bonuses leading to trails, frequent trails every £2.00 - £3.00. Lots of mystery wins off holding pairs or let em spins. Chucking in wins and 3 in a rows...

Positive Signs from Feature


Good setups and nudges to increment or reach BONUS 4 on RED NUMBER trail to activate the RED FEATURE.

Getting an EXTRA life after entering the RED FEATURE from the previous BLUE FEATURE bonus.

Awarding Skill a lot.

? Landing on MOVE ON + or allowing a successful gamble past COLLECT PRIZE.

Frequent RED FEATURE opportunities from NUDGES and BONUS.


The Feature
The feature contains 4 stacks (CASH, KNOCKOUTS, STREAK, FEATURES) each capable of a JP+R with the HOT STUFF streak being capable of £25+ (usually £35). The trail is a lapper based on the HI-LO - there 2 trails BLUE(normal) and RED. When in RED you can't die, but you can get WIPED OUT! back to the blue trail. From the BLUE you can die. The trails contains NUDGES, + FEATURES / CASH, MULTI-ADD, SKILL, EXTRA BONUSES and the good old ?.

Feature Bonuses

We don't know all the feature bonuses! They change when the trail is BLUE or RED.

On Blue
RED BOOST - Boosts the RED NUMBER trail.

ADD AGAIN - Add again on whatever!

JACKPOT - Um the Jackpot

On Red

ADD AGAIN - Keep on RED trail so when you get booted back to BLUE it changes to a RED BOOST.

TAXI - Taxi!

HOTSTUFF - Collect for the HOTSTUFF feature

The ? mark
Consider every ? death and just gamble for a way out. If you do get a ROLL EVEN, let it time out to even. (8 out of 10 times)

Notable Features

CASH CODE - The one notable feature on this when RED as it offers a JACKPOT. You have to type in a code on the HOLD BUTTONS for the JP, if you get it wrong it moves down on the CASH LADDER for another go and so forth. We are told it is random, but 2 3 1 has worked a few times!

Playing Method
A staggered streak can be got from this if all the signs are good! Sometime early on you will get offered a HOT STUFF or a RED CASH CODE. You may wish to take these for quick profit. Essentially your playing for a JP off a stack and then for HOT STUFF and the another HOTSTUFF or large win. The streak is £50 - £90.

When in reel play, only play for MYSTERY WINS (forget the numbers) and then gamble into the feature. You may wish to gamble the win up a few times to really buzz the feature. Once you exchange in, play exclusively to activate the the RED FEATURE trail. Once in the RED build the stacks upto the JP+R, however if you have an EXTRA LIFE and are in the RED and have a full stack play on until the EXTRA LIFE and RED are gone and then take the jackpot, if offering HOTSTUFF here don't take it as it's only the £25. If it does not offer it then the machine may be building a HOTSTUFF.

Once you have the JP+R, play for the next trail - if the machine is streaking you will get a RED FEATURE active straight away. Now you have a choice of playing for a JP or the HOTSTUFF feature. At this point a JP may be followed by a HOTSTUFF or if you take the HOTSTUFF it may well do £35 with afters (can do RED CASH CODE). So you will need to make the choice.

Incidentally the KNOCKOUTS simply give knockouts above the current positions on the prize stacks. Don't ever take BRONZE or SILVER streak as these set the machine back. If you get the streak you should have £60 - £75 banked maybe more if really buzzed. Profits usually £15 - £40.

Typical Outcomes

Not the biggest of earners but quite fun to play! Will produce profit at times and if played out as above avoids the recycling rut. Another way to play would be all out for HOTSTUFF from the FEATURE BONUS, as this is not that easy to get one would have to knock back a few pots to get it. This could result in a BIG HOTSTUFF! Risky!
NOTE: (Like Super Charged) Sometimes in between trails and jackpots the machine will play well cold - ripping £10 - £15 for a trail and / or sacking you early on the trail. If costing £8+ per trail and dying with 2 - 3 moves it has been battered - Move on!


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