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Golden game and Monopoly system

The first time I played a golden game, it took me for £100 with nothing but a few £5 wins, monopoly (3-5 player) was just as bad, pocket full of pound coins in, to achieve a feature of £15 with the old girl who says "the dogs have gone barking mad". I left them, I thought forever...

Now, there are 2 versions of golden game/monopolys, the 1st (more profitable) is the version thatdoes not auto nudge your flashing symbols (a flasher is when one of the 3 icons lights and wolf whistles indicating you have more than 3 nudges to achieve that win), and the 2nd, obviously, is the version that will auto nudge your flash in for you. it appears the only difference is that the 1st version will let you win £15 more, which will be explained later.

ok, for optimum return, find a machine that is full/backing. if all 3 are backing, stick a quid in each and chuckle to yourself..

The single most objective here is to get the `set up`

refuse all wins by nudging £5 away, if you get £5 straight in, its a so called `free` win (ok so its not free, but it does not set the machine back, so classed as free) if the win holds, then let it go, similarly, if you get 2 fivers or 2 jackpots hold after a nudge, do not let the win spin in, hold the 3rd symbol to cock up the win spinning in.

the setup we are aiming for is when the monopoly game is 4 nudges away, and looks like this -

out of view MONOP

above £5 any £5


£5 O any


basically, nudge the 1st reel once, and the 2nd reel twice, so you get this -


this is the set up, and if you can get this it is has a 90% chance of nudging. the setup can be achieved either by holding 1, 2 or all 3 reels (ie if it did not nudge but held, hold them)

Even with relatively no money put in, nudge setups can be achieved through thin air. what we are playing for here is the monopoly flash hold, which you must cock up, by holding the 3rd. the flash hold now means the machine is in a happy state and in now getting ready to pay, we ignore this and continue the same nudge setup procedure. during this time £5 wins may roll straight in, even a jackpot can roll in, which is ok, but do not hold them. (incidentally if a jp flash hold appears, it WILL re-appear once the streak has started).

What we are looking for now, is one of 2 things, either a monopoly flash, or a monopoly than can be achieved by EXACTLY 3 nudges away (will explain this bit later) when the first monopoly flash is achieved, nudge it away, it will re-appear within so many £1`s, now take £5 on a flashing monopoly, again and again, that's a total of £15 from flashing monopolies, on the 5th flash, take monopoly, (if you're playing the sit down TV version always take

Basically the streak has now been triggered by taking the board, plus you have taken 3 free £5 wins as well, what happens now can be quite random, but usually add up to a severely short machine!, the first board is not necessarily the most important, but anything from £15 right upto £105 can be achieved on the first board. now we take ALL wins and repeat the process to achieve monopoly flash holds, but this time we roll them is, as the streak has been triggered.

* a good way of finding out how well your machine is buzzed up, is to hold two of a kind and see the 3rd roll right in 90% of the time, monopoly board are now flash holding regular.

* did you know that if you win OVER £15, it has to go to £25..

* there's more money it cost you to buzz the machine up, the bigger the streak

Right, I`ll assume (normal assumption at this stage) that your bank have overfilled and you have taken over £100 in wins, remember if its a £125 hopper, you are close to emptying it, you now need to make the call as to whether you are carrying on or not, but I have had a 60 streak, flat for 10-20 quid followed by a £105 run. so the more you play the more you`ll understand how its working.


if you're playing an auto nudge machine, you basically don't get the £15 worth of free fivers. if you get a flash early on, take it at your peril, as the streak may only go £30 or so. the other thing, and very important, is when monopoly can be achieved by nudging away all 3 nudges, if it is 3 away, it is a true streak, if monopoly is 1 away, it probably wont go more that £5.

there has been a lot to take in, but once you play, you`ll understand, remember, all plans should be followed to the letter, as incorrectly achieved wins can cock up the streak.


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